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Welcome to WHATSextingAPP.


If you enjoy sexting & flirting with gorgeous people everywhere, this site will guide you

to the apps & sites where you can do that!

Hello there I am Thandi from South Africa and I am here to guide you to find your ideal sexting app, and perhaps point you in the direction of the natural progression from sexting, which is video calls!  (see my friend Angela below for details!)


Many people have tried sexting before with their buddies, but sooner or later it turns a little sour or boring, so there are now some very genuine and beautiful people offering adult services online to meet the needs of people just like me and you.... and it only costs a modest amount. First and foremost I want to tell you about the newest and most exciting new sexting app, because it uses Whatsapp as it's platform, and Whatsapp is already widely used all over the world. It is called "Our Little Secret" and you can click on my link here, to go there and begin sexting in whatsapp. How it works is that OurLittleSecret already have many beautiful ladies waiting to sext with new friends on WhatsApp. So when you join, and choose a sexting partner, the site will anonymously link the two of you in a new whatsapp group, so that neither of you knows the other's real phone number. Then you can sext and exchange hot photos! It's great fun and I'm also one of those ladies using it!   JOIN NOW

Hey guys I am Thandi's friend Angela, also from sunny R.S.A. I am here to tell you about a fantastic new way of sexting and having fun using the Skype we all know and love! Yes, not only WhatsApp but also now Skype can be used for pay-per-minute video calls. It just seems like a natural progression having been sexting with someone, to want to see each other live cam2cam. Skyprivate now has over 27,000 registered models from all over the world, waiting to sext with you and then share a video call with you. Pretty girls like me and Thandi are hosting video calls on Skype and sexting in WhatsApp via OurLittleSecret. If you are a talented person you can join up as a sexting host or a video-call host!


Here is how to join Skyprivate as a member or as a talented model, whether male female or couple.

Click here for instant free registration.

Whassup friends? The slender model sitting on a white box is me, Arianne, from Gabon but living in Lyon, France. I want to tell the world about a new cam site that gives top priority listing to Ebony and Asian ladies. On most big sites the white ladies earn more and because they earn more they are placed on page 1 of the online models listings, so they earn EVEN MORE! So I discovered which is dedicated to giving all women of color a better chance to get noticed. Now it may be that you are a lady and you have never once worked on a cam site, or you are a client for adult entertainment and you don't usually use cam sites... but I have been given this space on this site because from sexting, to skype video calls, the natural progression to reach more like-minded people, is to join a cam site. Yes you love sexting, yes you love skype calls, but it is free to join a site like, or it's mother site,, to have an even wider choice of people to interact with. Trust me, you will never regret joining with us! Go to or mother site for full details.